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A manager for all of TButt’s scripts, required in every scene.


Static interface for controlling TButt’s behavior across different platforms.


A universal rig for VR games that syncs settings across the camera from each platform’s SDK.


Overview A wrapper class for interfacing with VR input devices on all supported TButt platforms.


A static wrapper class for interfacing with tracking systems across all platforms.


A static wrapper class for interfacing platform services such as Steamworks and Oculus Platform. It currently supports entitlement check and achievements.



Camera System

TBCameraRig replaces the camera prefab you’d normally use from each platform’s SDK (such as OVRCameraRig from Oculus or [Camera Rig] from Steam VR).

Input System

TButt’s input system wraps the input calls for each platform’s SDK with a static interface (TBInput).


At runtime, TButt will create tracking nodes for all of the control types that your game supports - as long as they’re also supported on the platform it’s cu...

Performance Settings

TButt exposes performance and quality settings from Unity and platform SDKs into an editor window so you can tweak and test until you find the best fit for y...

Making Builds

TButt’s workflow allows you to keep multiple platforms enabled in the Unity editor, so that your team members can work on your game with whatever headset the...

Using Services

Note: Use of platform services through TButt is completely optional. Only available in v1.1.0 and newer.


About TButt

About TButt TButt wraps the SDKs for the major VR platforms to help you spend more time making your game and less time wrangling APIs. Its features include:


A lightweight multiplatform VR interface for Unity. From Turbo Button.


Team TButt is developed and maintained by Holden Link and Nic Vasconcellos from Turbo Button.


Use the links on the sidebar to the left to access the user guide and scripting reference for all of TButt’s features. If you can’t find what you’re looking ...


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TButt is offered under the MIT License.


TButt is used in VR games on all major platforms, by studios of all sizes:

Supported Devices

TButt supports most controllers and headsets across the major platforms, and also supports some headsets through multiple SDKs to comply with publishing requ...


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