About TButt

TButt wraps the SDKs for the major VR platforms to help you spend more time making your game and less time wrangling APIs. Its features include:

Unified Camera Rig

Use TBCameraRig to unlock the full feature set of each platform’s SDK without managing nested prefabs or scene changes. Just add the script to Unity’s standard camera, and TButt takes care of the rest.

Unified Input

TBInput supports most combinations of platforms and controllers. For example, if you want to get a button press on an Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, or Windows Mixed Reality controller across any SDK, you can call something like:
TBInput.GetButtonDown(TBInput.Button.PrimaryTrigger, TBInput.Controller.RHandController)
Additionally, TButt includes a virtual button remapping tool, so you can do things like make the Vive touchpad click perform the same action as an Oculus Touch face button - without any code changes required.

Unified Tracking

TBTracking unifies commands for getting references to tracking nodes like hands, gamepads, 3DOF arm models, and more in one place.

Per-Platform Settings Management

Customize performance settings for each platform with the Core Settings tool, ranging from things like renderscale and antialiasing levels to platform-specific features like Fixed Foveated Rendering.

Awesome Performance

TButt was developed with mobile VR constraints in mind. It has low CPU frame time, won’t generate garbage, and won’t cause hitches.