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Simple workflow

Target all of your platforms out of a single Unity project without sacrificing your performance or sanity.

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Actually works

TButt has already shipped in top-rated VR games on every platform, and is ready for Oculus Quest too. Check out our showcase!

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Completely free!

Offered under the MIT License. Put it in your commercial projects, put it on a sandwich, or whatever.

I like free!

Input Mapping

Advanced Input Features

Scale your input across platforms for a variety of controller types, ranging from one-button taps to gamepads to full 6DOF hand controllers. Use the editor tool to modify button maps for each controller, emulate 3DOF arm models for testing in the editor, check finger states to drive hand presence, and more.

Unified Settings Management

Unified Settings Management

Customize settings for each platform with the Core Settings tool, including Unity settings like renderscale and timestep as well as platform-specific features like refresh rates, dynamic resolution, and fixed foveated rendering.


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