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What platforms / hardware does TButt support?

TButt supports most combinations of VR platforms and hardware. See our Supported Devices page for more information.

Does TButt support PlayStation VR?

The public release of TButt does not currently support PlayStation VR. We’re hoping to make this available in the future.

Does TButt support Knuckles Controllers for Steam VR?

TButt does not currently support Knuckles Controllers because it is not compatible with Steam VR Plugin 2.0. We’ll re-evaluate once the plugin is stable.

Is TButt ready for Oculus Quest?

Yes. There are already projects in development for Oculus Quest that use TButt.

Does TButt support Vive Focus / Pico / other headsets that haven’t been mentioned here?

Not right now. We’ll typically wait for Unity to offer basic native support for a headset before we’ll update TButt to support it too.

How is TButt different from VRTK / Newton VR?

TButt is a lightweight SDK wrapper. It doesn’t offer any framework for grabbing mechanics, locomotion, or physics - it simply acts as an interface to minimize #defines and keep your code flexible and clean, and aims to keep performance overhead as low as possible. It’s an SDK replacement rather than a set a tools for building gameplay.

Can I use TButt in a commercial project?

Absolutely. TButt is available under an MIT License. Check out our Showcase of projects using TButt.

What does ‘TButt’ stand for?

‘TButt’ is an acronym for Turbo Button Butt.