At runtime, TButt will create tracking nodes for all of the control types that your game supports - as long as they’re also supported on the platform it’s currently running on. Using this system is optional, and you may use Unity’s XR node system directly if your prefer.

Attaching To Nodes

Nodes such as hand controllers do not exist in the scene prior to runtime. Instead, you should create prefabs for each hand or controller and attach them to the node you want at runtime. See the HandControllersSample scene for an example of this.


See the TBTrackedNodeHelper script for an example of how to safely attach an object to a node by waiting for the node to connect before attempting to get its transform.

3DOF Arm Model

TButt includes a simple, standardized 3DOF arm model that works across all platforms. It supports left, right, and centered options that are already set up to read from the player’s handedness preference on Oculus Go, Gear VR, and Daydream.