Introducing TButt

TButt, Turbo Button’s multiplatform VR interface for Unity, is now available as a free, open source project thanks to a commitment of support from Oculus.

TButt takes the guesswork out of working with each VR platform’s SDK, and unifies things like performance settings, input, tracking, and camera systems into an easy-to-use package. It supports the Oculus, Steam VR / Open VR, Universal Windows Platform, and Google VR SDKs at launch, and all SDKs can be targeted out of a single Unity project. Most importantly, TButt is lightweight with very little performance overhead - making it friendly for teams looking to bring their games to standalone and mobile VR platforms.

Over the past year, TButt has been used to ship Floor Plan and Along Together from Turbo Button, Virtual Virtual Reality from Tender Claws, Mindshow from Mindshow, Inc, and Sisters: Faye & Elsa from Otherworld Interactive. Additional titles using TButt are in development for Oculus Quest.

We’ve shared parts of TButt in the past, but maintaining it, writing documentation, and unlocking its feature set for the public is something we’ve never had the time or resources to do. With support from Oculus, we can finally give it the attention it needed. Click here to see our Getting Started guide, and join us on Discord!